The 2024 SBKA AGM will be held at Five Ashes Village Hall on the March 2nd from
1:00 pm – 5:30 pm

In addition to conducting the mandated proper business of the Sussex
Beekeepers’ Association, (see Agenda) the 2024 AGM will also have a special emphasis and theme.

Given the dramatic increase in the Asian Hornet nests found in 2023 the
theme will be the Asian Hornet and what we need to do to help combat this

To this end Dan Morgan, our seasonal Bee Inspector and invited speaker, will
talk about tracing the Asian Hornet nest in Eastbourne and his experiences with
other nests in the South East.
There will also be a talk from Tony Warren from Kent BKA about the AHA Catch website and mapping.

The HWBKA are hosting the SBKA 2024 AGM and at the HWBKA AGM recently there
were numerous DIY Hornet Trap entries in the DIY section, and these created a
good deal of interest. So, there will also be a DIY Trap competition open to
all divisions which should be interesting, fun, and drive-up awareness and
attendance. There will also be a substantial prize for the best entry which will
be voted upon /assessed by those present.

To keep on top of the AH threat it will be increasingly important for
cross-division and cross association collaboration, so a good attendance is

The AGM proper will start promptly at 2pm. Doors will open at 1pm for the Asian
Hornet Trap Competition entries.

There will be microscopes to look at. Both dissection microscopes and
compound microscopes with images projected on to a screen. We hope to look for
nosema and make up some pollen slides.

There will be a mead tasting and the other usual refreshments and cakes. So,
in order to help with the catering it would be extremely helpful if you can
indicate whether you intend to attend using the form link <<- here ->>
and whether you might be providing an Asian Hornet Trap entry (N.B. you can
enter on the day, but it would help if you can indicate ahead of time).

For further info. and directions see our Events Calendar @ Events from May 18 – January
24Sussex Beekeepers Association (sbka.info)